Non-violence & Peace Building

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Peace Building

1. Communal Harmony

Our national founding fathers built India on the foundation of unity in diversity. The rich diversity of our land in terms of religion, language, culture, customs is hardly seen anywhere in the world. The most burning problem in our country is the need for national integration. This is a subject that is most talked o, but on which the least work is done. Many who consider this as important o not follow up their precept with practice. There are several ways in which such integration could be attempted, even if not successfully achieved. One of them is the promotion of communal harmony. GWPPF is been organizing local get together of youths from diverse background through games and entertainments and there by bringing them closer and igniting the concept of oneness and one nationhood.

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2. Developing Moral Values

Moral values are the basic of our goodness and if we use them they give us unexplainable joy. But if we feel it, it would give us a sense of relief and contentment that is class apart. Moral values are a must in a student's life since he or she has yet to face the harsh realities of life. Secondly, these moral values are not one sided but give immense content to those who exercise them and those for whom exercised. Helping a blind man to cross the road, giving food to the really hungry, consoling a really depressed person or sharing one's grief, are invaluable services born of these moral values. We have been hearing that moral values of society on a whole is on a decline but GWPPF believes that its all in the perception of human eye and how to deal with it if there is really such a decline in the moral values. Proper and time counseling of people especially the youth will surely reverse this perception of decline in moral values and GWPPF is striving towards that counseling.

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3. dentify Prisoners & Help their families

There is a wide disparity between the quality of life in prisons of western counties and that of the Indian prisons. Time and again several human rights activist and organizations has pointed out the deplorable conditions of inmates, what is more alarming is the vulnerability of the families of the prisoners especially those families whose prime bread winner is sentenced to jail. GWPPF is timely identifying those genuine poor and have-nots whose prime bread winners are locked up in jails and whose life is miserable due to lack of income for survival and for providing quality education to their kids and linking them to some philanthropist to support them financially and morally.

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4. Providing employment for reformed Prisoners

It is always a challenging task to start a life afresh especially when it is of those associated with reformed prisoners. With growing unemployment and difficulty in establishing businesses due to lack of skill and resources the situation is more severe with respect to the reformed prisoners. GWPPF feels that if these prisoners are not supported and if their hand is not held in help then they would rather move to crime. Supporting those reformed prisoners with self employment through skill training, entrepreneurships and helping them to attain loans and market accessibility is what GWPPF is working on.

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5. Legal consultancy for resolving Pending Cases

Over 60000 cases in supreme court, 47 lakh cases in high courts and over 2.81 crore cases in several other courts are pending. The low judge – cases ratio is adding much more to those pending piles of cases. There is saying “Justice delayed is Justice denied” and further it is said that “It is better to leave several convicts rather than punishing an innocent” however pending court cases against many innocent youth and vulnerable classes by those with vested interest has made the lives of those innocent a hell. GWPPF works towards proving free legal services to those needy under trails by associating with advocates who cherish to provide social services in the field of justice and law.


Our Vision

Serve the Nation by providing healthy and respectful life to all its citizens through better livelihood, empowerment of Youth, Disabled, Orphans, Widows, Senior citizens, Poor & needy people through innovative programs on Global Warming, Health, Education, Employment and non-violence etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the country with the highest service quality and Humanity. Motivate likeminded and socially responsible people for carrying forward our cause & concern to achieve this goal of self-reliance of needy people. With the help of combination of manpower consisting of experienced elderly and well trained youth focused on executing projects within confined time and budget without compromising the quality.


Our values, basic and fundamental, shall remain the guiding force “Help the Helpless.” These will be the uncompromising foundations upon which we build our Mission on Integrity, Reliability and Accountability.