Education & Livelihood

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1. Support & coordination Govt. Schools & Education System

Education has been a problem in our country and lack of it has been blamed for all sorts of evil for hundreds of years. Understaffing, lack of infrastructure is the main feature of government schools in India and this is leading to mushrooming of private schools in remote areas with much bad quality and ill qualified teachers and work with the sole intention of profit. The private schools attract those students from government schools which results in shutting down of the same due to low student count. This is where GWPPF comes into picture through their double innovative methodology of upgrading the government schools and counter the menace of private low quality schools.

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2. Admission assistance and guidance

Students who come out of schooling have dilemma with regard to selection of career option and course selection. Wrong selection of course will result in failure and confusion of future career of students. GWPPF with its well trained counselors assists students mostly of the rural background in choosing right career options for their bright future. We are also in the process of identifying right institution for tie-ups to provide admissions to students at reasonable fee structure without compromising the quality.

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3. Reducing child labor

India is among the high child labour intensive nations where children are pushed into work for low wages or forced labour. The child labour is most visible in places with acute poverty especially with those vulnerable households where the prime bread earner is absent. This problem in turn gives out to other problems like increase of unskilled labour, increase in juvenile crime rates etc. GWPPF Addresses this severe problem with utmost importance through counseling the child, family and employer by finding sponsors for the education of child and providing alternative livelihood to his dependent family.

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4. Training for job oriented courses & Conducting Job Mela

Lack of skilled man power is the burning problem in India and skill India mission is to address this problem. On the other hand there is increase in unemployment problem, to address the problem of this twin sided sworn GWPPF along with government and other private mechanism is working on models to train youth and women in specialized skilled and finding them proper employment through Industry – skill linkage.

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5. Developing small scale industries

Unemployment is a major cause for pushing masses into poverty and vulnerability. Rural India is affected by disguised unemployment where as urban India by educated unemployment. Unemployment and poverty are part of the vicious circles of social backwardness in India. GWPPF views establishment of SSI as a major step towards involving unemployed youths into the main stream of development. We coordinate with locals and help them in finance provision, technology transfer and other logistic and administrative support.


Our Vision

Serve the Nation by providing healthy and respectful life to all its citizens through better livelihood, empowerment of Youth, Disabled, Orphans, Widows, Senior citizens, Poor & needy people through innovative programs on Global Warming, Health, Education, Employment and non-violence etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the country with the highest service quality and Humanity. Motivate likeminded and socially responsible people for carrying forward our cause & concern to achieve this goal of self-reliance of needy people. With the help of combination of manpower consisting of experienced elderly and well trained youth focused on executing projects within confined time and budget without compromising the quality.


Our values, basic and fundamental, shall remain the guiding force “Help the Helpless.” These will be the uncompromising foundations upon which we build our Mission on Integrity, Reliability and Accountability.