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Global Warming Protocol Protection Force Trust (GWPPF) was a result of Ignited minds striving towards environmental protection, sustainable and inclusive development of man and mother earth. We at GWPPF believe that Development and human welfare go hand in hand and neither of them should over take one another, the right balance between the two is what results in a happy, prosperous and welfare society. As we come across the first human development report which says “HUMANS MUST BE THE CENTRE OF DEVELOPMENT” and we are working towards that centre of development in its all round sphere. Rapid industrialization, wide spread urbanization, injudicious usage of natural resources and the neo-demonstration effect of the upper middle class of the society led to deterioration of the natural environment. The haphazard emission of untreated industrial and municipal effluents with the rising CFCs, HFCs and Water vapors has led to the severe and consistent rise in the average global temperature. Global warming will prove disastrous to the very existence of human kind and life on planet green earth if its adverse effects aren’t reversed. GWPPF has been working towards protection and reversal of this global warming phenomenon. We at GWPPF are not only concerned about climate change but are effectively working towards providing solutions all those socio environmental problems which are degrading the quality of environment.

  • Vision:

Serve the Nation by providing healthy and respectful life to all its citizens through better livelihood, empowerment of Youth, Disabled, Orphans, Widows, Senior citizens, Poor & needy people through innovative programs on Global Warming, Health, Education, Employment and non-violence etc.

  • Mission:

Our mission is to serve the country with the highest service quality and Humanity. Motivate likeminded and socially responsible people for carrying forward our cause & concern to achieve this goal of self-reliance of needy people. With the help of combination of manpower consisting of experienced elderly and well trained youth focused on executing projects within confined time and budget without compromising the quality.

  • Values:

Our values, basic and fundamental, shall remain the guiding force “Help the Helpless.” These will be the uncompromising foundations upon which we build our Mission on Integrity, Reliability and Accountability.

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